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The Problem:

Most taxpayers are unaware of how to complete and submit their tax returns and end up paying high fees to a tax practitioner because of a lack of understanding and fear of getting it wrong.

Our Solution:

Doing your own tax return is now as easy as having a conversation. Answer simple, plain language questions one-by-one and TaxTim will complete your return instantly, with all the details filled in correctly. Maximise your tax refund and eliminate complaints from SARS by doing things right the first time. Make use of this great service online 24/7. It's the fastest, easiest way to do tax!

What we offer you:

  • Step-by-step assistance with getting registered for tax and setting up eFiling
  • Your own friendly tax man to help you complete your tax returns for maximum accuracy, highest possible tax refund and in record time
  • Simple and helpful guidance for how to file your return with SARS
  • Access to our dedicated online tax questions centre and extensive tax information centre
  • Year-round reminders by email/SMS to keep you informed about documents and deadlines and keep you compliant
  • Access to a free mobile phone logbook for recording work trips
  • 24/7 friendly service around the clock in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa and isiZulu

Employers Benefits:

Employers with non-compliant employees can face garnishee orders from SARS to collect unpaid taxes. TaxTim reduces this likelihood and reduces requests to HR for help or for staff loans (learn more). Our service reduces employee downtime and can even qualify as a tax deduction. Boost staff morale and reduce financial stress by providing an effective tax solution that helps them step-by-step. Staff can feel confident about their tax affairs by doing it themselves and understanding the process.

How does it work:

Register at www.TaxTim.com and answer TaxTim’s guided questions, step-by-step. After the conversation, on the payment page simply use the voucher code supplied by One Loyalty and enter it by selecting the ‘TaxTim voucher’ option to make payment. View your professionally completed income tax return form instantly and follow the instructions for filing.

Service Level Commitment:

  • TaxTim will provide members with a complete Q&A dialogue system enabling them to obtain a completed tax return
  • Members will be provided with guides and information about how to register as a taxpayer, register for eFiling, submit their return and other tax related matters as TaxTim updates and adds information to the system. These will include definitions and calculators
  • TaxTim will provide a helpdesk for questions both tax and website related with a turn-around time of 12hrs. Tax Questions can be asked between the hours of 8am – 10pm and website questions between 8am-5pm
  • TaxTim does not take liability for incorrect information provided by the member and as such does not act as a practitioner for members
  • Only a paid up member will be able to view and obtain their tax return