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Have complete control over your money with a tool that empowers you to put your spending into perspective to make better financial planning and purchasing decisions.

MoneySmart’ is an online web and mobile based personal finance management tool that connects all your financial information to a single place. MoneySmart puts your spending into perspective by categorising you transactions and allocating them into budget categories, helping you to stick with in your means by tracking your spending.

MoneySmart makes intelligent personalised recommendations that can help you save money towards the things that you really want. The system automatically finds opportunities in your spending patterns and makes these recommendations on what we call “ways to save”. Our goals feature ,enables you to set your goals, attach an image, link a savings account to the goal and guides you to invest towards your targets.

Financial Reporting is made with moneySmart as you receive a monthly report giving you clarity on areas of your spending that you can improve on to enhance your savings ability. Financial products and educational content is provided within the report to boost your financial IQ.

Features on MoneySmart:

  • All your finance in one place (CSV / Automatic account connection)
  • Budgeting tool, expense analyser, goal setting tool
  • Access your credit score
  • Educational content
  • Intelligent recommendations on ways to save
  • Have the best products profiled to you
  • Financial reporting made easy to understand