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P.I. Protect

The tragic fact is that 4 out of 10 criminals in South Africa walk free due to poor investigation work which results in their cases getting thrown out of court. The sad reality is that the police force is over stretched and often under trained with many of our more experienced officers moving into private security. The native to using the police is to employ a private investigator but unfortunately, very few people can afford their services…until now!

Our Solution

We have an innovative solution for our members by providing Private Investigation (PI) services if they/their immediate family are victims of a serious crime in South Africa.

Our solution is simple and very effective:

  • Relief – You have peace of mind that if something happens to you or your family, you will have the best investigations team in the country in your corner
  • Recoveries - Our investigators assist in the recovery and investigation of your stolen assets and property, as well as abductions of family members
  • Representation – our expert, world-class team, led by acclaimed Detective, Bushie Engelbrecht, provides full private investigation and administrative support right up to the point where we will provide a case file that can be used during prosecution in court

Who is covered?

You and your immediate family (which includes member, member’s partner and all legal dependants).

What do we Offer?

The PI Protect membership provides top class PI services for members and their families who are victims of a serious crime.

For the duration of the claim, you receive:

  • 24/7 and 365 day a year call centre support if you are a victim of a crime to get the investigators onto your case as soon as possible
  • Access to a top class investigation team, headed up by acclaimed Detective, Bushie Englebrecht
  • Identifying case witnesses and conducting interviews
  • Background case investigations including procuring police reports, accessing telephone call reports by means of legal subpoenas, as well as compiling forensics and other supporting documents
  • Regular feedback on the progress of your investigation
  • A comprehensive case file detailing the full investigation that can be handed over for prosecution in court

How do you claim with us?

  • The member must contact the call centre to provide details of the case
  • Members will be verified and the member will be given a case number
  • We will handle the full investigation on your behalf, providing you with regular feedback as we progress.

Limits of Services

No PI services will be provided where the crime against the member is classified as one of:

  • Minor/ petty crime, where there is no physical harm nor loss/ damage to property
  • Domestic violence, where the crime is committed by one of the member’s immediate family members against another immediate family member
  • the crime takes place outside of the Republic of South Africa
  • the fees due have not been paid and accepted by the Administrator