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License Protect

The Problem

Fact is that all road users have to renew both their car and drivers licenses regularly. The problem is that there is no proactive renewal notification and these processes are extremely frustrating and time. The process can also be costly due to penalties for late payment or the need for temporary driver’s licenses.

Our Solution – License Protect

License Protect members have access to a unique service that is designed to take the hassle out of both car and driver’s license renewals. License Protect will work with members to firstly notify them of license renewals, and then provide a convenient quick, easy and painless channel to get these licenses renewed.

Our solution is simple and very effective:

  • Relief: no queues and limited admin in dealing with the Licensing Department and the Post Office. You also have the complete convenience and huge time saving of having your licence delivered to you
  • Recoveries: we protect your pocket by making sure that you will never have to pay any penalty fees for car licenses or additional fees for temporary driver licenses
  • Representation: our expert team provide full administrative support for all license renewal issues