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South Africa has one of the highest road accidents counts in the world, with statistics showing that someone will die in an accident every 13 minutes. The impact of this on the victim’s families in terms of physical and emotional loss is often catastrophic. Thankfully we do have support in the form of the Road Accident Fund (RAF) which provides compulsory cover for all users of South African roads against such road accident deaths injuries. The problem is that injured victims are faced with huge challenges when processing a claim with the RAF, at a time when they can ill afford this additional stress. Furthermore, the RAF claims process can be extremely costly, time consuming and complicated which makes getting compensation very difficult.


As a member of Accident Protect, if you are a victim of motor vehicle accidents in South Africa then you will get with immediate access to an effective Road Accident Fund (RAF) Claims Management System. 100% of the recovery will be paid back to you and your family.

The solution is simple and very effective:

  • Relief – no queues admin nightmares and member’s will receive their pay-out from the RAF in half the time compared to your submitting the claim by yourself
  • Recoveries - You receive 100% of all pay-outs from the RAF at no cost to yourself
  • Representation – our expert team will provide full medical, legal and administrative support

What do we offer?

Accident Protect undertakes to do all administrative management of the claim from the start to finish

Members will receive:

  • Legal representation
  • Administration and claims management
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Required medico-legal reports
  • Required actuarial reports
  • Past and future loss of earnings reports
  • Past and future loss of support reports.

Who can Claim?

  • Any individual that has been injured as a result of a negligent driver
  • The dependent of a deceased victim
  • A close relative of the deceased in respect of funeral expenses
  • Note any claimant under the age of 18 must be assisted by a parent legal guardian

The Process

  • The member’s will contact the call centre during office hours (8am-5pm during weekdays) and submit the particulars of their case.
  • Once membership has been confirmed, a case will be issued and the member  will then be referred to our legal practitioner
  • Where the member has been involved in a motor accident in which there was bodily injury, the following information must be submitted the RAF


  • Date and time of the accident
  • The accident report – SAPS and/or traffic department reports and case numbers
  • Medical report from the first doctor who saw you after the accident
  • The names and addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses
  • Photographs of the accident and injuries if possible
  • Comprehensive insurance details if applicable
  • Medical and Hospital accounts
  • Certified copies of ID documents.


Service Cover

  • We will advise members on their claim merits and provide advice as to whether they should proceed
  • If the member wishes to proceed with the claim (and the case merits are agreed upon), we will arrange all the necessary consultations and opinions which — in the claims manager’s view — will be needed to process. This could include extra-legal consultations and reports, medico-legal opinions and medico-legal reports and actuarial opinions for loss of earnings resulting from your injuries.
  • We will help with all the necessary administrative support and documentation preparation for the claim submission to the RAF.
  • We will assess the medical expenses incurred as a direct result of the member’s injury in order to ensure a balanced and fair medical claim.
  • We will finalize the claim and with permission from the member, present it on your behalf to the RAF for settlement.
  • we will attend to all reasonable queries or requests for further particulars that the RAF might require to settle the claim

Limits of Service

  • We will limit our services where our legal practitioner does not substantiate the merits of the case. If this is in conflict with the view of the member there is a material conflict between the member’s assessment and our legal practitioner’s assessment, the case will be referred to the Accident Protect advisory panel (which will consist of the Accident Protect legal advisor as well as 2 external impendent legal advisors) for review. The costs of this review process will be for the member’s own account.
  • The member is at all times free to get outside second opinions but the cost of these will not be borne by Accident Protect unless approved in writing.
  • The member is not obliged to use the services of Accident Protect in the event of which Accident Protect will not be liable for any costs incurred by these parties.
  • The Accident Protect service is only available for accidents that occur in the RSA.
  • The member must be fully paid-up and eligible for its services at the time of the motor accident.
  • At the time of the accident the member must comply with all the legal and regulatory matters required by the Acts governing the RAF.
  • Accident Protect does not guarantee performance from the RAF.

Important Information

  • If the identity of the offending driver or owner is known, the claim must be lodged within 3 years from the date on which the event happened
  • If the identity of the offending driver or owner is not known, the claim must be lodged within 2 years from the date on which the claim arose.
  • Property damage cannot be claimed from the RAF.
  • Where possible, an accident must be reported to the police by the driver/owner.
  • Any Compensation received from the Compensation Commissioner where a person is injured on duty, will be taken off any RAF settlement
  • The RAF may require a person to submit to investigations and medical examinations.
  • If you unreasonably refuse or fail to cooperate with the RAF during its investigation you may lose your right to claim
  • The Accident Protect offering is complimentary to other insurance products and should be considered in conjunction with having vehicle insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance, life insurance and Disability insurance.

Service Level Commitment

Accident Protect commits to a 10 working day turnaround on medical expense, a 3 week turnaround on funeral expenses from the date that all supporting documentation is received, and expediting all other injury claims as fast as possible for Road Accident Fund (RAF) recoveries. Members are paid out from the RAF depending on the nature of the claim. Funeral expenses as an example are paid within 6 weeks while a serious brain injury can take up to 2 years.