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The Problem

All of us are aware that our roads take a pounding from heavy traffic which causes wear and tear as well as rain and storm damages and thus the dreaded "Pothole" has become a nasty reality for all of us. The unfortunate reality is that the authorities that manage the roads are stretched in terms of resources and funding and thus these potholes often take a long time to get fixed, if at all. As tax payers we have the right to expect more, however we don't have a clear channel to address this problem.

Our solution is simple and very effective:

  • Relief – no queues or admin nightmares in dealing with Road Authorities and member’s will receive their pay-outs in half the time compared to if they submitted the claim themselves.
  • Recoveries – Members receive 100% of all pay-outs from the Road Authorities with no additional costs.
  • Representation – our expert team provide full legal and administrative support and representation.

Solution and Benefits

  • Full recovery for pothole damages to tyres, mags and rims
  • No limit on recovery i.e. recovery is for full tyre and not just unused tyre portion
  • No excess payable
  • Guaranteed exclusive discounts of up to 25% at Tiger Wheel and Tyre
  • Hassle free claims administration
  • Pothole protect was set up to serve the need around the massive pothole (and road works) problem on the South African Roads, by alleviating the financial burden to drivers. Pothole Protect assists people (or insurance companies) in recovering 100% of the money that they have paid out as a result of pothole damages to their (or the insured’s) tyres or vehicle. These recoveries are made from the relevant Roads Authorities nationwide.


The Pothole Protect membership covers all the costs of lodging a claim against the Roads Authorities. At the end of the claim period, individuals receive 100% of the benefit as paid out by the Road Authorities, with no hidden deductions. In addition, Pothole Protect undertakes to do all administrative management of the claim from start to finish. For the duration of the claim, you receive:

  • Complete management of the claims process to obtain maximum possible compensation for tyres, wheel rims and mags damaged as a result of potholes (or roadworks) in SA
  • Dedicated full telephonic claim registration and tyre assessment services
  • Quick and effective service without any fuss inconvenience to members
  • Free Assistance with quotes for replacement tyres and access to preferential rates through Pothole Protect tyre retail partners
  • Free case management and claim settlement facilitation with all the relevant roads management authorities
  • Proactive follow-ups to make sure potholes are repaired to prevent future incidents
  • Negotiated discounts on tyre related products such as tyre replacement and normal wear and tear from Tiger Wheel & Tyre.


  • Phone Pothole Protect within 5 (five) working days of the incident on 086 100 1008 during office hours and register your claim. Your membership number will be verified. You will be given a claim number and your claim will be assessed.
  • After the assessment you will be informed by the Pothole Protect consultant of the merits of your claims and a view will be given as to the worth of proceeding with the claim.
  • If you wish us to proceed with the claim (and we agree), then Pothole Protect will compile the claim file to be submitted to the relevant roads agency.
  • Pothole Protect will help you with all the necessary administrative support and documentation preparation for submission.
  • Pothole Protect will follow up with the relevant roads agency in order to obtain the compensation required

The member’s will need to provide the following information in order for us to submit the claim:

  • ID Document
  • Driver’s License
  • The Registration Details of your Vehicle
  • 3 Written quotes for repair and Final invoice
  • A Declaration signed by you confirming that you are not claiming from your Insurance Company and that the information is true
  • If the vehicle is insured, a letter from the Insurance Company stating that the damage was not claimed from them
  • If the vehicle is not insured, a sworn affidavit stating that there is no insurance cover on the tyre damage

Note that the requirements may well vary according to the particular road agency


  • Service is limited to irreparable tyre damage as a result of a pothole on a road within the borders of the Republic of South Africa.
  • Pothole Protect will help only in respect of vehicles owned by you and your spouse
  • No service will be provided
  • if you have already claimed/are in the process of claiming for the damage from your Insurance Company
  • the incident is not reported to us within 5 (five) working days of the incident
  • Where the assessor does not substantiate the merits of the case, if you do not agree,there is material conflict between your assessment and that of the assessor, then the case will be referred to the Pothole Protect Advisory Panel. The decision of the Pothole Protect Advisory Panel will be final and binding on all the parties. The Pothole Protect Advisory Panel will consist of an admitted attorney as well as a tyre expert from a leading tyre retailer. Pothole Protect will not be responsible for any costs incurred in referring your case to the Panel.
  • Any costs incurred from you being approached by an outside party, without written consent from Pothole Protect, will not be covered.
  • You are at all times free to get outside second opinions but the costs of these will not be borne by Pothole Protect, unless same have been prior approved in writing.
  • Your membership must be fully paid up at the time of the incident.
  • At the time of the incident you must comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements of the Roads Acts of South Africa and other such relevant legislation.
  • Pothole Protect does not guarantee recovery from the relevant roads agency.

Service Level Commitment:

The claim is activated once the member has registered it with the service provider. Thereafter, there will be a 5 – 15 working day turnaround period from the time that all supporting documentation has been received to get a response from the relevant road agency.