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Office Assist

The office assistance product is designed to assist the customer with repairs and inconveniences related to their offices. A well-managed panel of contracted service providers including plumbers, electricians, locksmiths and glass replacement specialists are available to assist customers with household emergencies and repairs.

One Loyalty will cover the call out fee and first hour labour up to a value of R 650.00 per incident depending on the service required. The annual limit for this cover will be R2000.00 per annum.

Product Offering

The following failure types will be managed in terms of the Home Assistance product: Innovation Group will assist in finding the correct accredited service provider. We will cover the call out fee up to R650.00. All Electrical components, Locks, Keys, Electrical fittings, Part, Plumbing supplies and Additional Labour charges for the repair will be for the cost of the policy holder.

  • Plumbing failures
  • Electrical failures
  • Plate glass breakages
  • Locksmith requirements

CALL CENTRE service:

In terms of the value proposition it is proposed that all incidents (non-referrals) are handled in the following manner:

  • Call centre must be contacted by the customer at the time of the incident
  • Call centre agent will find and appoint the most suitable service provider, on behalf of the customer

The process will be tracked to ensure the following:

  • The service provider has kept the appointment with the customer
  • The job is scheduled
  • The job is completed
  • Ensure customer satisfaction via a CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index)

Plumbing Failures:

  • The following plumbing type failure incidents will be managed:
  • Burst water pipes and connections (Cost for clients account)
  • Faulty taps, mixer units and toilet cisterns (Cost for clients account)
  • Opening of drains (Call out fee and first hour labour)
  • Valves, elements, thermostats and vacuum breaker (Cost for clients account)

Electrical failure:

  • The following electrical type failures incidents will be managed:
  • Faulty distribution boards (Cost for clients account)
  • Circuits (Cost for clients account)
  • Plug points (Cost for clients account)
  • Switches (Cost for clients account)
  • Earth leakage relays. (Cost for clients account)
  • Motors Gate motors swimming pool pump motors and any other motors. (Call out fee and first hour labour)

Plate Glass breakage:

The following incidents will be managed:

  • Incidents of breakage to existing fixed glass (Call out fee and first hour labour)


Locksmith Requirements:

The following incidents will be managed:

  • Opening of door locks where the keys are locked inside the house (Call out fee and first hour labour)
  • Replacing of door locks where keys are lost or stolen (Cost for clients account)